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Oct 19, 2021 Hali Reynolds

Single Metal Beds vs. Metal Bunk Beds: Which Is Better For My Behavioral Health Facility?

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Behavioral health facilities can act as a short-term home for many of your guests. It’s important that you choose the right kind of durable and affordable furniture to help your facility feel comfortable and safe. Plus, the space created at your facility can have a huge impact on your facility’s short-term and long-term goals. Keep reading to make your decisions a little bit easier and evaluate if single metal beds or metal bunk beds are the better choices for your facility.

Single Metal Beds

Single metal beds offer the comfort and style of a single bed while maintaining the durability and strength of a steel bunk bed. American Bedding Manufacturers’ single metal beds are modeled after our durable Model 4500 bunk beds. Single metal beds are just as durable and safe as bunk beds, but offer additional advantages to make your guests feel safe and secure. Below are some pros and cons of single metal beds to help you make your decision.


  1. Privacy. Single metal beds allow you to build your behavioral health facility rooms around privacy and independence. These beds will help guests feel more secure, self-sufficient, and at home. These are all important factors in creating a comfortable and safe space in your behavioral health facility that fosters privacy, independence, and well-being. 

  2. Safety & Accessibility. These beds also add the value of being safe and accessible for a wide variety of guests. For guests that are older or physically constrained, bunk beds can be a serious challenge. Single metal beds are an easily accessible option to ensure safety and easy accessibility for all of your guests. 

  3. Adaptability & Space. Single metal beds allow you to easily change the layout of the rooms in your facility to adapt to the needs of your guests. This can help you better optimize the space for your guests to make them feel more comfortable and at home. The stand-alone style of single beds can also make them feel less cramped and make them feel like they have their own designated private space even while sharing a room with other guests. 


  1. Limited Number of Guests. Single beds do not allow you to fit as many people into a room as you could with bunk beds. However, not being able to consolidate your guests into fewer rooms is a small price to pay for their comfort, independence, and safety. 

Metal Bunk Beds

Metal bunk beds at American Bedding Manufacturers offer a sleek, residential look while maintaining strength and durability for the many guests that will stay at your facility. Metal bunk beds can be the perfect solution for smaller spaces, and, with extra bunk bed accessories, these beds can easily accommodate all your guests’ needs. Keep reading for the top pros and cons for metal bunk beds to keep in mind as you shop. 


     1. More space for more guests. With the stackability of bunk beds, you can make room for more guests in your facility. Bunk beds allow you to house more guests in one room in order to increase capacity. With some bunk bed models, like the Model 4500 from American Bedding, the bunk beds are demountable, allowing you to rearrange the room in whatever way is most optimal for your facility’s and guests’ needs to maximize square footage and personal space.

    2. Sense of community. Bunk beds can help foster a sense of community within your facility and encourage your guests to connect with each other, while still maintaining guest privacy using add-ons like partitions. Bunk beds can also be great for guests who would prefer to have a companion in their space.


      1. Less privacy & storage. Bunk beds don’t offer the same kind of privacy that a single bed can provide. Guests have to share their immediate space with another person, meaning they also have less room for storage. While single beds typically have room for storage under each individual bed, bunk beds can still only fit storage under one bed leaving less room for each individual guest’s belongings. However, you can maximize storage in tight spaces with storage solutions like platinum single wardrobes or drawer chests

        2. Less Accessible. As mentioned before, bunk beds can be hard to access for some guests. It’s important to think of the type of guests you typically have at your behavioral facility and follow certain rules to avoid any accidents and keep your guests safe.

My_Option_InfographicChoosing the right furniture for your behavioral health facility is the first step towards reaching your facility’s goals. While there are several advantages to both single metal beds and metal bunk beds, it’s important to consider your guests and what would be best suitable for their comfort and safety, as well as how to maximize space and design at your facility. American Bedding Manufacturers offer affordable, safe, and durable bedding options to help make your furniture decisions a little bit easier.


This post was originally published on 9/12/18 but has been republished with updated content.

Published by Hali Reynolds October 19, 2021