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Installation Services

With a professional installation from one of American Bedding’s trusted installation partners, you can sit back, relax, and know the job is being done right.

Save Time with Installation Services

Unloading, assembling, and installing your new products can be a massive undertaking. Not to mention disassembling, removing, hauling, and disposing of your old items. But this massive task is not something you have to undertake by yourself!

  • Experienced Installers

    Peace of mind in having professional installers with necessary experience to do the job right.

  • Quick Setup

    Professional installers significantly reduce time required for setup as they have performed service hundreds of times.

  • Personalized Service 

    Installation service can be customized to specific needs based on your situation.

  • Trusted Partner

    Knowing there will be no worries about job being done right.

A Furniture Renaissance at Renaissance Addiction Services

Renaissance Addiction Services partnered with American Bedding’s professional installation team to remove their old wooden furniture, bunk beds, and mattresses, replacing them with our Platinum Series Collection furniture.

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