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Mar 30, 2022 Hali Reynolds

Camp Furniture: Stock Up for Summer Now

ABcamp-2559It may seem too soon, but preparing for the summer months begins now, during the springtime! Setting your summer camp up for success starts sooner rather than later. At American Bedding we want to help you prepare for the camp season efficiently, easily, and as early as possible. 

To reduce stress and get your summer camp in working order before it’s back to many happy campers in your cabins, shop ahead for your camp bedding needs starting now. Keep reading to learn the best strategies for your summer camp furniture preparation.

Shop Ahead for Your Camp Furniture

The spring season can work to your advantage! Take inventory of your current bedding, mattresses, and furniture to figure out what your camp’s needs are. Make note of items that need replacing, damage, or wear and tear like mold, rips, stains, or bed bugs. Some mattresses may have damage that is easy to repair and some may just need to be replaced. We anticipate the wear and tear of your mattresses after a busy summer of happy campers and that’s why we offer custom options such as replacement mattress covers to sustain the season. 

Our team is ready to provide you with a quote for your camp because your unique needs and budget matter to us. We understand that some products like mattresses are a 7-10 year commitment so there is no rush to purchase. Instead, we want to provide answers to your questions, help find the best fit furniture for your camp, and aid in the buying process down to the delivery details!

Want a full breakdown of your furniture delivery timeline? Follow the buying process on the information below: 



Top Products for Your Camp this Summer  

As you begin your shopping process, take a look at a few of our products that are made with summer camps in mind. Our Camp Mattress has a special Dura-Last Poly Fiber Core that provides added durability and aids in a comfortable, affordable sleep surface for campers of all ages. It is also waterproof, bed bug proof, and super easy to clean as you cycle campers in and out of your facilities this summer. 

Additionally, our bunk beds are demountable. This means your cabins have the option of bunk beds or single beds, all that’s required is a bit of lifting and rearranging. This flexibility means your cabins can cater to any age group and type of camper you may serve at your camp. With different options of bunk beds to choose from, the choices are customizable to your needs. Check out the benefits of each here!

Top Mattress Features to Keep in Mind for Your Camp

Ensuring your camp residents have the best experience at your camp is our top priority. That said, a few key elements to look for as you scout out your camp’s furniture needs:

  • Is the mattress bed bug proof certified? 
  • Are the mattresses waterproof and fluid resistant?
  • Look for antibacterial mattresses. 

Camp mattresses require different features and characteristics than residential or even hospitality mattresses do, which is important to keep in mind as you shop. American Bedding mattresses are designed with your camper’s usage in mind and are perfect for long-term wear and intermittent use. 

Summer is just a few months away and now is the time to start making moves toward spring cleaning. As you evaluate your camp’s furniture and bedding needs, we’ve got you covered! Reach out with any questions or concerns and our friendly sales team would love to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Published by Hali Reynolds March 30, 2022