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Platinum Metal Series Collection

Heavy Duty Metal Furniture. Residential Design. Institutional Durability.

It’s no secret that metal furniture and bunk beds take a beating in summer camps, rehab facilities, and institutions. The Platinum Collection Steel-Construction Furniture withstands the toughest of environments, providing tasteful design and rugged durability in seamless harmony. The Platinum Collection allows you to provide your facility with the strength of steel furniture and the dignity of a warm, residential look.


Heavy Duty Steel Construction

Institutions today, such as schools, colleges, and behavioral health facilities, require furniture that can rise to the occasion. The Platinum Collection Metal furniture, a top-performing choice, has a reputation for excellence. It includes several built-in features, such as its antibacterial and easy-to-clean properties, and bed bug resistance. Additionally, its residential look and feel make it a standout choice for institutions looking to strike a balance between hygiene and a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Summer Camps

  • Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Institutions

  • Colleges and Schools

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Platinum Collection Steel Beds

Platinum Bunk Bed

The signature item in American Bedding’s Platinum Collection is the Platinum Metal Bunk Bed. The Platinum Bunk is available in 36” and 38” widths. It features American Bedding’s adjustable spring base allowing any bed to be used as a 75” or 80” XL bed with no additional hardware.

Platinum Twin Over Full Bunk

The Platinum Twin/Full Bunk Bed is the perfect bunk for facilities serving family units. This bed has a twin bed for the top bunk and a full-size bed for bottom bunk enabling your facility to provide conjoint sleeping arrangements for whole families.

Platinum Solid Panel Bunk

The Platinum Solid Panel Bunk Bed has many of the same features as the Platinum Bunk Bed. The key feature of this heavy-duty metal bunk bed is the solid metal sleep surface which makes the bunk tamper resistant and easy to sanitize.

Platinum Privacy Partitions

American Bedding’s innovative privacy partitions allow facilities to maximize use of space while providing residents with dignity and privacy. The bolt on design allows up to 30% more efficient use of space.

Platinum Single Bed

The Platinum Metal Bunk Bed can easily be converted into the Platinum Single Bed giving customers the flexibility to meet the specific needs that their facility may face.

Full/Full XL Single Bed

The Platinum Collection now features the Platinum Full/Full XL Single Bed giving customers the option to offer a larger single bed option in their facility.

Platinum Collection Storage and Furniture

Platinum Under Bed Chest – Lockable
The Platinum Under Bed Chest is a space saving storage solution due to its ability to fit underneath our platinum bunk beds. The under bed chest now features locks on both drawers providing security for personal items.
500-Platinum-Double-Armoire-main-photo (1)
Platinum Double Wardrobe

The Platinum Double Wardrobe is a larger storage solution for your residents to keep their personal belongings with its padlocking handle. The double wardrobe has a stationary top storage shelf for personal belongings, and a 63” long hanging compartment with round clothes rod.

Platinum Single Wardrobe

The Platinum Single Wardrobe is the perfect storage solution for your residents to keep their personal belongings with its padlocking handle. The single wardrobe has a top storage shelf for personal belongings, and a full length 3/4” round rod to hang clothes and coats.

Platinum 4-Drawer Chest

The Platinum 4-Drawer Chest provides a large amount of storage for your residents. With lockable top and third drawers, the Platinum 4-drawer Chest also provides security for personal items allowing residents the comfort and peace of mind in knowing they have privacy and security for their personal items.

Platinum Nightstand

The Platinum 2-Drawer Nightstand is a great bedside storage piece perfect for alarm clocks, lamps or bedside needs for your residents. The Platinum Nightstand has four adjustable leveling feet making it easy to level to almost any flooring types.

Platinum Pedestal Desk

The Platinum Pedestal Desk provides residents and workers a place to sit and work or write while providing 3 drawers for storage. The pedestal desk’s 42” by 24” top provides space for a lamp, books and other necessary items without being crowded.

Platinum Table Desk

The Platinum Table Desk provides residents and workers a place to sit and work or write. The table desk’s 42” by 24” top provides space for a lamp, books and other necessary items without being crowded.

Bunk Bed Accessories

The Platinum Collection Metal Bunk Bed Accessories allow customers to bring their bunk beds up to safety standards with the matching Adapt-a-Rail guard rail and ladder system.

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