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Feb 26, 2021 Hali Reynolds

Single Metal Beds Become the Next Best Thing for Your Shelter or Rescue Mission


Single metal beds are gaining increasing popularity among rescue missions, homeless shelters, and transitional housing facilities. From a design more conducive to guest privacy to increased safety and security of the bed structure, single metal beds are now trending in shelters and missions across the country. 


Keep reading to learn why single metal beds are booming and shelters everywhere are getting on board with this trend.

1. Foster Privacy and Independence

One of the most tangible benefits of having single metal beds is that they offer the option for privacy. Maintaining privacy and independence is important to the guests coming to your shelter. When using single metal beds instead of bunk beds, facilities can set up rooms suited for privacy and independence. 

This option gives guests the chance to feel secure, independent, and more at home at your shelter or mission. Depending on your type of facility, privacy can be a huge step in fostering an environment for guests to heal and develop newfound self-sufficiency.

2. Increased Safety and Security

When it comes to the safety and security of your shelter, single metal beds offer many benefits important to consider for guests of all ages. For example, facilities that serve an older population may prefer to avoid bunk beds due to upper bunks presenting an unnecessary challenge for older guests. For homeless shelters, the use of single beds as opposed to bunks provides a sense of home and self-sufficiency for your guests. 

Michael Fee from Barnabas Home, Inc., an assisted living facility, stated that one of his favorite features about single metal beds is the steel frame, which offers no place for bed bugs to make their home. Along with the steel frames, American Bedding mattresses, though they're certainly not made from steel, are designed with inverted seams that make them bed bug proof as well. The bed-bug proof mattress coupled with the steel frame will keep pests out allowing for your residents to sleep well at night with no worries. 

A single metal bed as opposed to alternative options will give the guests comfort in knowing they have something of their own. Although every shelter may not have the space to offer individual rooms to every guest, offering them their own clean, pest-free bed will increase the likelihood of the guests feeling safe and secure during their healing process.

3. Maintain a Healthy Environment

Develop a layout for your shelter that provides a healthy environment for your residents with single metal beds. Single metal beds foster a healthy environment by allowing for beds to be separate, less crowding, and simpler cleaning routines. By using single beds, your shelter has the opportunity to decompress by not shoving multiple partitions or bunk beds into one room. Rather, single beds allow for more spacing between guests and less crowding. Decompressing not only creates more privacy and independent space for guests, it also can help stop the spread of germs as guests are not right on top of each other and you can create partitions between sick and non-sick guests. 

Additionally, single metal beds offer an easier cleaning routine for your staff compared to bunk beds where staff may have to climb up on a ladder to properly clean mattresses. Lastly, single metal beds make it easier for barriers to be put in place unlike connecting beds where your residents are forced to be close with little to no barrier. Barriers such as curtains or partitions, can be put in place between beds for added privacy for your residents. 

4. Single Metal Beds are Versatile

Single metal beds are essentially bunk beds that have been demounted. The demountable bunk bed design allows you to regularly reconfigure rooms to fit the needs of your guests. With single beds in the room, you are able to better optimize the space for each individual guest to have their own designated space in the room, with personal dressers and drawers beside their bed. Versatility is crucial in fostering guest comfortability. 

Such versatility is necessary for facilities like The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Brooklyn, NY, a shelter that is glad they have the ability to reconfigure their rooms. Flexible furniture options like single metal beds set facilities like The Salvation Army in Brooklyn up for success - ensuring healthier lifestyles for the families and communities it serves. 

The team at American Bedding Manufacturers understands your facility’s needs. We get that your beds play a major role in how your guests respond to your facility. That's why we offer beds that allow for privacy, safety, security, and versatility while encouraging independence.

Want to know more about our durable and versatile single metal beds? Shop single metal beds. Download the product catalog today.

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Editor's Note: This blog was originally published on February 26, 2021 and has been republished with updated content.

Published by Hali Reynolds February 26, 2021