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Mar 26, 2022 Hali Reynolds

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Furniture for Your Behavioral Health Center in 5 Minutes

ABM - March 2022 - Blog Header Image.pngYour time is one of the most valuable resources on the planet and we know that protecting it is critical as you move through your day. That said, American Bedding is here to help you eliminate the challenges of buying furniture for your behavioral health center because we know cost matters. Purchasing quality furniture that lives up to the demands of your facility is necessary for longevity and saving your time and energy to meet your facility’s needs and demands.

When buying furniture for a behavioral health center, the top three things to consider are durability, safety, and affordability. Keep reading for more about these key elements that will help you make the best purchase for your behavioral health center.

1. Durability

With rotating staff and residents, durability will be the main priority when considering your furniture options. Ensure you have the best furniture that can support the wear and tear of many residents over time and is easy for your staff to maintain. Key features to consider are bed bug proof mattresses and mattress covers, waterproof and fluid-proof mattresses that resist breakdown and allow for longer shelf life, as well as mattress covers that are wipeable and stain-resistant. 

At American Bedding, we create durable furniture that doesn’t skimp on comfortability or support for your residents. Durability means longevity - which you can expect from our built-to-last designs, such as the powder coat finish on our steel furniture made to withstand frequent sanitation. Taking care of your residents should be your number one priority and by purchasing durable furniture, we hope there is one less thing fighting for your attention.

2. Safety

Furniture for behavioral health facilities begins with durable materials. However, it’s the construction, design, and cleanliness of your furniture that makes it safe and accommodating for your residents. Most behavioral health furniture pieces have the following design features in common:

  • Streamlined design: Nuts, bolts, screws, knobs, and other fasteners are covered, made of wood or softer materials, or are inaccessible to prevent injuries or accidents from disjointed manufacturing.
  • Pinch-free: Joints of furniture are smooth and do not allow hands or fingers to get smashed or pinched.
  • Extra storage: Many of our furniture pieces feature an additional drawer or cabinet for extra storage, perfect for residents preparing for longer stays and creating a sense of home and privacy in their sleeping space at your mental health facility.
  • Bottom-heavy or bolt-down: A bottom-heavy or bolt-down design prevents tipping, excess movement, and injury.
  • Cushioned, upholstered, and roomy: When possible, furniture offers additional cushioning and room for added comfort.
Keeping safety in mind for your residents is top of mind during our manufacturing process, and we want to ensure you are able to keep up with these safety measures we’ve put in place. Check out this guide to mattresses and institutional furniture for how to best care for your new (or existing) pieces.

3. Affordability

Not only is American Bedding world-class at creating and maintaining the best furniture for your behavioral health center, but we are also affordable for small and big facilities alike. With inflation and rising costs affecting many different industries, we know the decision to purchase furniture is not one to take lightly and cost is more top-of-mind than ever. Fortunately, choosing American Bedding furniture will allow your facility to have high-quality, yet affordable furniture that will outlast and maintain its value over time, saving you money in the long run.

Too good to be true? We’d love to chat with you more about what makes American Bedding furniture the right choice for your behavioral health center. Give our sales team a call today!

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Published by Hali Reynolds March 26, 2022