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Nov 29, 2021 Hali Reynolds

Tis the Season to Shop Ahead for Your Camp Furniture


It’s officially the camp offseason and as a busy camp manager you’re probably looking forward to the calm, stress-free time off. But you’ve already got your mind on the spring and the sudden busyness of camp once your campers begin to come back. The start of camp season can be stressful for you and your staff members if you’re not properly prepared. That’s why shopping ahead for your camp bedding needs in the offseason can help you reduce stress and get your camp cabins in order before camp is back in session. Keep reading to learn how you can be better prepared and less stressed when the spring rolls around again!

Step 1: Take Inventory

First, you’ll want to take a good look around at the camp furniture you already have in your cabins. Make sure your camp mattresses and camp bunk beds are in good shape and take note of anything that might need replacing, like mattresses. Be on the lookout for signs of replacement or like mold, stains, tears, and bed bugs. Keep an organized list of the things that are damaged and the furniture you will need to buy as replacement for your camp cabins.

Step 2: Custom Solutions for Your Camp Furniture Needs

Since you’ll have lots of young campers staying in your cabins come spring and summertime, you’ll need durable, long lasting mattresses and the right kind of camp furniture to best accommodate the many happy campers staying in your cabins. American Bedding Manufacturers are here to help you find creative solutions for your camp furniture needs. To ensure that your mattress can sustain season after season of young campers, American Bedding offers camp mattresses that are comfortable, durable, waterproof, and bed bug proof. However, while assessing the state of your camp furniture, you might find that you have mattresses with a little wear and tear, but nothing bad enough to replace completely. Replacement mattress covers are a great way to freshen up mattresses without the cost of replacing them altogether. 

Additionally, as you look to accommodate many campers in your cabins, it can be hard to find bedding solutions that maximize space, yet are comfortable and safe. At American Bedding ,we have a large variety of durable bunk beds and bunk bed accessories that can help you better accommodate your campers. Take advantage of some downtime this winter and stock up on all the camp furniture you might need for the spring to make your camp feel a little more like home for your campers!

Step 3: The Case for Shopping Early

So why is it so important to shop ahead for your camp furniture now? The spring comes with a lot of responsibilities for camp managers and things can start to add up and get overwhelming as you prepare your cabins for your campers. It’s important to equip your cabins with the furniture you need now to reduce your stress and reduce the chance of any shipping delays for mattresses or furniture you might be ordering. 

Shopping ahead for your camp furniture will help ensure you have everything you need to run your camp ahead of time. American Bedding is here to provide you with quality, cost-effective products that will help your camp feel like home. Take advantage of the offseason and equip your camp with everything it needs to provide a memorable camp experience for your campers and staff!

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Published by Hali Reynolds November 29, 2021