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Sep 28, 2021 Hali Reynolds

Trending: The Rise of Sustainable, Recyclable Mattresses

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Have you ever wondered what happens to your old mattresses after you throw them out? Often, old mattresses sit at landfills for an extended amount of time because of how difficult they are to decompose. This has sparked positive action in the mattress manufacturing industry with the rise of sustainable, recyclable mattresses. 

Continue reading to find out more about sustainable mattresses and the positive impact they have on our environment and the benefits of using sustainable mattresses for your institution or facility.

What is a sustainable or recyclable mattress? 

Sustainable mattresses are mattresses that are made with the purpose of being recycled once they are worn out. They are made from ethically sourced, renewable, organic, and natural resources that grow swiftly and abundantly. Not only are they manufactured from recycled material but they are friendly to landfills, which greatly reduces the amount of time needed to decompose compared to traditional mattresses. On top of the environmental benefits, they are also long-lasting and durable. This is great news for an institution or facility where your mattresses may experience a lot of wear and tear. Recyclable mattresses tend to have a longer lifespan and save you money in the long run since you’re not purchasing mattresses as frequently.

Why is mattress sustainability so important? 

Mattress sustainability is important for a number of reasons. Not only are you saving landfills from a considerable amount of waste, but you are also saving other industries as well! By investing in recyclable mattresses and mattress covers, you are making an impact on different manufacturing industries because when you recycle your mattresses in the future, that material can then be reused! 

Did we mention that you can also break down your mattresses into smaller items such as metal coils and springs that can be scrapped for additional money and have a positive impact on the environment? The foam, fiber, and other upholstery materials can also be recycled, lowering the amount of waste produced. American Bedding partners with companies specializing in mattress recycling, such as LRP Recycling, as part of our efforts to maximize the environmental impact of our products. 

Why should you consider purchasing sustainable mattresses for your institution or facility?

By investing in sustainable and recyclable mattresses you are not only putting money into your facility but you are also demonstrating that your organization is environmentally conscious. By purchasing mattresses that are good for the environment, you are demonstrating that your facility is working towards producing less waste by utilizing sustainable bedding options. Lastly, recyclable mattresses are not only durable and cost-effective, but comfortable for the many people using them in your facility. 

Manufacturers are beginning to see the benefits of sustainable mattresses, and how they compare to traditional bedding in terms of environmental impact and cost-efficiency. Are you looking to start investing in sustainable and recyclable bedding for your facility today? Begin shopping below. 

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Published by Hali Reynolds September 28, 2021