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May 03, 2017 Hali Reynolds

Mattress Myth-Busting: Things to Know Before You Buy

Investigating Mattress MythsBuying mattresses should be simple. But once you start shopping around, you quickly find there's a lot to consider before you reach for your checkbook.

Maybe it seems like the more questions you ask, the more confused you become! Every mattress looks the same, and every salesman is telling you something different. How does a person tell fib from fact?

We're here to help you out. While we can't tell you everything there is to know about mattresses in one blog post, we can help you stay on track with the facts by pointing out a few myths you may have heard while you've been shopping.

Myth 1: All mattresses are created equal.

Wrong! Like we said, there are tons of mattresses out there, and they're all different. Even the same types of mattresses vary from one company to the next. 

Don't you just wish you could cut open a mattress and see what's inside? We've done it, and the results unfortunately prove that quality is not universal across the industry.

How well do you know your mattress supplier? If you choose an honest company that's committed to quality, then chances are, you'll get a quality product. Don't be afraid to ask for fabric samples, certification documentation, and references to qualify your suppliers.

Myth 2: Measurements are minor details.

Most companies in the mattress industry follow standard sizing specifications. So, before you order a bunch of twin mattresses or twin XL mattress covers, make sure you know the precise measurements associated with those sizes. That way, there won’t be any surprises when you receive your shipment

When buying mattresses for existing beds or covers for existing mattresses, our rule of thumb is: measure twice, order once. You may have always considered your camp bunk beds to be “twin size”, but are they technically? Measuring twice and ordering once saves you and your manufacturer from doing extra work later.

American Bedding Manufacturers, Inc. uses these consistent measurements:

  • Cot (30x75)
  • Short dorm (36x75)
  • Long dorm (36x80)
  • Twin (38x75)
  • Twin XL (38x80)
  • Full (54x74)
  • Full XL (54x80)
  • Queen (60x80)

Reference those dimensions when you order, and you’ll never have to wonder if the 200 mattress covers you just purchased will fit your mattresses properly when they arrive.

While we value consistency, we also like to customize. If you need custom mattresses to fit the metal bunk beds you have at your camp or residence hall, let us know!  

Myth 3: Nobody wants an innerspring mattress.

If you've been told that innerspring mattresses are things of the past, you've been misinformed. Yes, innerspring mattresses were one of the first mattress designs created, but that doesn't make them obsolete.

Like any product, different types of mattresses thrive in different settings. Innerspring mattresses are ideal for colleges and rescue missions because they're durable. They have a long lifespan, and they hold their shape without deteriorating. These features are especially ideal when your mattresses are being used year-round.

Myth 4: We don't want to hear from you.

Don't believe this for a second! We hope you'll bring all of your mattress and bedding questions to the experts at American Bedding Manufacturers, Inc. If you've heard something, and you're wondering if it's a myth, give us a call at (800) 203-2507. Or, send an email to

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Published by Hali Reynolds May 3, 2017