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Jul 01, 2021 Hali Reynolds

Is Your Shelter Ready to Take on Hurricane Season?


As we get ready to enter hurricane season, professionals say this year could be a particularly tough one. The threat of bad storms and destruction is a scary thought, and unfortunately, many people will face the reality of needing a safe and secure place to sleep due to the impact of hurricanes on their homes and communities. 

Shelters will need to be prepared and fully equipped with the best emergency bedding to support people in need this hurricane season. However, evaluating your shelter’s storm preparedness can be overwhelming. Keep reading to learn more about the two most important products to stock up on and tips to evaluate your shelter’s readiness for storm season. 

Emergency Cots

When it comes to emergency shelters, meeting your guests’ needs is always the priority. During hurricane season, those who are affected by storm devastation will need not only emergency housing but a place to feel comfortable sleeping in. Shelters will begin to overflow and this can quickly become an overwhelming atmosphere for your guests. 

Therefore, providing the right kind of bedding that is both effective and creates a sense of comfort is crucial. Folding cots are a great option when considering efficiency and comfortability for your guests! Cots were created to be flexible with their lightweight design and compact size. But they’re also comfortable and easy to move around the shelter so that families can set up their own grouping of cots. The flexibility folding cots offer will be key to outfitting overrun shelters this hurricane season.  


Having plenty of warm blankets is also an important thing to consider when evaluating your shelter’s storm preparedness. Hurricane season is long and stretches deep into the fall when cold temperatures begin to spike - keep guests safe and warm with durable blankets. 

Making sure your shelter is prepared with flexible and durable equipment to ride out this year’s hurricane season is crucial for the communities you serve. Prepare for hurricane season by staying one step ahead and equipping your emergency shelter with storm-ready furniture like cots and heavy blankets. Don't wait until it's too late. Prepare for storm season today with emergency shelter furniture.

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Published by Hali Reynolds July 1, 2021