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Oct 28, 2021 Hali Reynolds

How to Prepare Your Shelter for the Holidays

snow_filled_city_streetAs the holiday season approaches, shelters start to see an increase in guests. This can make things feel overwhelming if you’re not properly prepared. It’s important to be able to accommodate all your guests and make them feel comfortable and safe while preparing your shelter and furniture for the holidays. Keep reading for the most important things to consider when equipping your shelter for an influx of guests over the holidays.

1. Prioritize the safety and privacy of your guests.

With the increase in guests over the holidays, things might start to feel cramped or uncomfortable for guests. One of the best things you can do for your guests is to prioritize their safety and privacy in the midst of the holiday season. A good way to foster privacy in your shelter is to provide your guests with single metal beds. These beds make guests feel like they have their own space and can be a safer alternative to bunk beds. If your shelter doesn’t have the capacity or space to offer single beds, partitions can be a good alternative to foster privacy when using bunk beds. This way you can save space but still offer a sense of privacy through the partitions. 

You can also prioritize your guests’ safety and independence by providing them with single wardrobes and lockable bed chests. This gives your guests a place to safely store their valuables while also making them feel more at home with their own space and storage units. 

Make sure your guests feel safe and independent this holiday season by outfitting your mission or shelter with these pieces of furniture to foster a sense of home this holiday season. 

2. Keep furniture clean.

Keeping your homeless shelter beds and furniture clean is another vital practice as your shelter gets crowded this winter. Keeping your mattresses and other furniture clean will make your guests feel safe and more comfortable. If your mattresses are waterproof, we suggest a simple wipe down to keep them clean. Other mattresses can be sprayed with a disinfectant spray and then wiped down. When wiping down your mattresses, you’ll also want to air them out afterward. 

Staying consistent and organized with cleaning your mattresses and other furniture will help you keep your shelter in good condition and guests healthy in the midst of a busy holiday season.

3. Keep guests comfortable.

The holiday season can be a vulnerable time for many people. It’s especially important during this time of year that your guests can experience a sense of home. American Bedding Manufacturers offer several options for you to help keep your guests comfortable during their stay. 

  1. Our $99 dorm mattresses are a best seller! They are comfortable, durable, bed bug and waterproof, and antimicrobial.
  2. We also offer warm fleece blankets with an anti-pill finish - perfect to stock up on as we approach the colder months.
  3. Check out our two different types of comfortable pillows to better accommodate your guests.

Every holiday season, shelters help make a difference by keeping people warm and safe during the winter. Ensuring that your shelter is safe, comfortable, and clean will help the holidays feel less overwhelming for your workers and make your guests feel happier during their stay. At American Bedding Manufacturers, we are happy to be involved in helping you better accommodate your guests during this busy time of year by ensuring their comfort, safety, and privacy and ultimately helping your shelter make a difference.

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Published by Hali Reynolds October 28, 2021