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Jul 28, 2022 Hali Reynolds

How American Bedding Mattresses & Furniture Are Manufactured to Prevent Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are no joke. Especially in a facility like yours that hosts a number of guests at any given point. At American Bedding, our priority is to set you up for success with your mattresses and furniture so that you never have to deal with these pesky insects again! 

Keep reading for information on how to recognize and prevent bed bugs, how we manufacture bed bug proof mattresses and furniture, and what you can do to treat them if they do pop up.

How to Recognize Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pesky and the last thing you want to deal with in your mattresses or furniture! Knowing how to recognize bed bugs is key to treating them. They can reside in many spots and surfaces, some of the most common spots being:

  • Mattress seams and bed frames
  • The edges of carpeting
  • Behind baseboards
  • Window and door casings
  • Curtains
  • Picture frames
  • Loosened wallpaper
  • Cracks in walls and furnishings

They are small and usually red-brown in color and can go unnoticed for up to several weeks, giving them more than enough time to get a foothold in your mattresses and furniture. Recognizing the signs of a potential bed bug infestation is key to decreasing the chances of an infestation significantly. 

Pro Tip: Keep bed bugs at bay. Check out our top tips for spotting the signs of bed bugs in your mattresses and furniture. 

Bed Bug Prevention

Knowing the signs of bed bugs is the first step to prevention. Here’s what we have found are the best ways to keep the bugs at bay:

Pro Tip: Check out our best-selling 4500 Series Bunk Beds for a bed bug proof design and minimalistic style with a variety of options for your facility. 

Looking for more? We’ve pioneered a new line of camp mattresses in recent years that are independently certified to be Bed Bug Proof. Our Bed Bug Proof mattresses and covers have an inverted seam and a bed bug proof enclosure, giving the bed bugs no edges in which to hide or lay their eggs - perfect for high-traffic camps, universities, or behavioral health centers! 

Treating Bed Bugs

Looking for tips on the best way to treat bed bugs if you see them pop up on your mattresses or furniture? Read our blog with detailed information on how to get rid of bed bugs in your mattresses or furniture. 

Pro Tip: American Bedding sells bed bug proof replacement mattress covers that can be used to upgrade your existing ones to be bed bug proof mattresses. If the bed bugs are already living in the mattresses, they will be completely contained and suffocated with these replacement covers. 

We’re here to help you if bed bugs break out in your facility, but we are also in the business of preventing that from ever happening in the first place with our unique bed bug proof mattress and furniture solutions! 

Need to upgrade your furniture or mattresses to enhance your guests’ experience and furniture quality? Take a deep dive into the furniture and mattresses we offer.



Published by Hali Reynolds July 28, 2022