Mattresses and Mattress Covers for Your College Dorms


College studentsCollege students may tell you sleep is overrated — but that doesn’t mean their beds are.

For the sake of your students, dormitory mattresses should be durable enough to handle spontaneous mattress surfing competitions and countless all-night study sessions. But for the sake of your residence hall managers and their budgets, dorm mattresses should be inexpensive, waterproof and easy to clean.

Lucky for both parties, the mattresses from American Bedding Manufacturers are all of those things and more!

Our quality mattresses are made to last, and you can extend their life with our Replacement Mattress Covers. We also offer Bed Bug Proof Mattress Covers that are designed with inverted seams so they don’t give those pesky critters a place to hide.

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Here are some features that make our dorm mattresses stand out:

  • High-Quality Foam Topper
  • Heavy-Duty, Durable Spring Unit
  • Tempered wire used in construction
  • Heavy, durable fiber padding is placed over the spring unit to keep mattress evenly supported
  • Upholstery layers overlap border added

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