How American Bedding Will Continue to Serve During COVID-19

The coronavirus (or COVID-19) crisis continues to evolve and expand — it doesn’t show any intention of slowing down and neither are we. In these turbulent times, we at American Bedding are even more devoted than ever to supporting our clients with the highest-quality industrial bedding and furniture on the market.

As COVID cases continue to rise and more cities and states are considering “shelter in place” and “stay at home” orders, facilities like yours will be on the frontlines, providing housing, shelter, and help to those affected by the disease or without a place to go.

We know that safety, both of your residents and your employees, is of the utmost importance at this time and we admire the dedication and compassion you continue to exhibit by risking yourselves to help others. And we are here to support you as you serve your community and residents.

American Bedding is an essential provider to facilities across the country, so we will be consistently maintaining both our production capacity and our flow of raw materials. In other words, we’re still open and we aren’t going anywhere. If you need something, simply contact us — we’re ready to help you serve.

Our supply chain is receiving streamlined priority from federal, state, and local governments to be able to continue to serve our customers despite the virus. As you consider repurposing your facility or simply preparing it to help your residents, we want to be here to help you. We are well-equipped to handle this scenario. After all, our products were designed to help facilities fight infection, bacteria, and viruses and provide safe, clean places for residents to rest.

As we continue to face this critical moment together, we just want to be a resource for you in any way that we can. To that end, we’d like to remind you that all American Bedding mattresses are both antibacterial and antimicrobial — and easy to clean. When you buy from American Bedding, you can rest assured that your products will be:

  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Bed Bug Proof
  • Waterproof
  • Easy-to-Clean

From our team to yours, stay safe and healthy. Wash your hands — and your mattresses! — and don’t hesitate to reach out if you can help you or your facility. We will be answering our phones and email inquiries as quickly as we can in order to provide you with the most responsive service possible. We’re here to help you with anything — be it product inquiries, grant questions, or processing orders.